[Moin-user] 2 instance confusion with apache and mod_python

zyf_sz zyf_sz at tom.com
Tue Sep 19 08:59:48 EDT 2006


I'm using MoinMoin 1.5.5a, Apache/2.0.58 (Win32), mod_python/3.2.10, Python/2.4.3 on Windows. 

I've created 2 wiki instances "personal" and "zone" seperately, accessd with http://localhost/personal and http://localhost/zone. When both instances run with cgi mode, or one cgi one mod_python, It's ok, the 2 wiki works independently, I can view, edit and save them correctly. 

But when both instances run with mod_python, It seems they confused with each other. After Apache restarted, If I visit http://localhost/personal first, the data in "personal" is shown, then I visit http://localhost/zone, the data shown is still that in "personal", event the zone theme has changed to personal theme. And vice versa if I visit "zone" first. 

What's this on earth? How to solve this problem? Thanks.

Zhang Yunfeng

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