[Moin-user] Attachment comments

Antonis Christofides anthony at itia.ntua.gr
Thu Sep 21 08:48:19 EDT 2006


I need to be able to specify a comment when uploading an attachment
(twiki does this).  I also need a better table of attachments, like

| Filename   |  Date         | Uploader            | Comment        |
| tower.jpg  | 2006-09-19    | AntonisChristofides | Useless file   |
| small.jpg  | 2006-09-20    | HeatherStern        | Useful file    |

(But I think the table is easy if the comment is present.)

 * Is anything like this being developed?  I saw some references to
   "attachment comments" in the docs/CHANGES of 1.6 but couldn't
   figure out what it means.

 * Is it easy to develop?  It doesn't seem difficult to me, but I was
   wondering whether there is something I haven't noticed.  I think
   there's even a placeholder at the edit-log for the comment.  But
   maybe this should be reserved for the time when we will have
   attachment versioning?

 * Are there any plans/thoughts concerning attachment versioning?

Antonis Christofides
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