[Moin-user] Only write access

Thilo Pfennig tpfennig at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 10:23:18 EDT 2006

Hi, I am thinking about a solution where I could use the wiki as an
inbox. Layout should be:

 * ParentPage/
 (from this page I want to let anonymous users create sub pages that
they may write but not read!)

So a user should be able to create a page:

 * ParentPage/SubPage

So this would be ACL:
#acl All:write

The problem is that I rigth now would have to solve this via
AutoAdminGroup and only can allow Read and ReadWrite. There is no such
thing as WriteGroup, although that would make sense and it is possible
to only allow writing to a page. I know its a bit weird, because
having the right to edit a page (which is Write) means also that you
can read it in the editor. So there are really theoreticall two kind
of write-rights:

a) The creation right
b) The edit right

So I guess I can not have what I want right now which is to allow
anonymous users a) but do not allow them b).  But I think that would
be very interesting because as I said this would allow to make kind of
an inbox. Right now anonymous users can only be allowed to "just read"
a page and not to "just write". The only solution is a page that
everybody can read and write. But this means everybody could read
content that he should not be able to read.

I am a bit stuck right now and i hope I just don't see how this could
be solved. And if not i hope we can have such a functionality in a
future version. Together with templates this could enable users that
they do not have to use email. And we would not have to transfer email
content into a wiki page by hand. We also would not have to provide a
mail server.



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