[Moin-user] User login homepage?

Matthew C. Miller mmiller at stabilitynetworks.com
Mon Sep 25 10:34:10 EDT 2006


Sounds like it might work.  A couple questions (apologies if these are
incredibly obvious; I'm not that experienced with the system):
* Would I be able to define more than one user with superuser priv's?  I
would assume I can define an acl_rights_before (in farmconfig.py) and
have it inherited throughout, is that correct?  
* With the common underlay, would that mean the templates would be
inherited for each new wiki defined?

If so, I think this answers my needs.

Then, the question is how to accomplish it.  I found the info on
MoinMoin wiki regarding how to set up all user's homepages in a separate
wiki, but didn't see anything about setting up a separate wiki for each
new user.  Could you provide a summary of what you're going to do to set
it up?

Thanks immensely!

Take care,

Matthew C. Miller
Stability Networks
mcm at stabilitynetworks.com

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> Hi Matthew.
> > Why?  We're creating documentation sites for each of our clients, 
> > containing several pages each.  These are currently each in 
> their own 
> > wiki, making user management a bit of a hassle. [...]
> What about a wiki farm with a common user directory?
>  * you have superuser privileges in all wikis and there is a 
> common underlay and users directory (common setup in farmconfig.py).
>  * Each client has it's own wiki and can't go into other 
> places (specific wiki setup in each wikiconfig.py defines that).
> What do you thing about that? (I am about to do it myself). :-)
> Regards...
> --
> Eduardo Mercovich
> Buenos Aires - Argentina.

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