[Moin-user] Revs. Missing from RecentChanges

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Sep 26 07:33:21 EDT 2006

> I have a page that was edited on Saturday, yet RecentChanges doesn't  
> show these revisions.  The "Info" screen for the edited page shows  
> the modifications, but RecentChanges seems to skip over these changes.
moin maintains 2 edit-logs:
 * one global edit-log (data/edit-log) that has the changes for all 
pages (RecentChanges uses this)
 * one page-local edit-log (data/pages/PageName/edit-log) that has only 
that page's changes (info action uses this)

Maybe just open the edit-log with less (or some other file viewer) and 
look if the change entry is there (see local log for some stuff to 
search for).
> Any idea as to how this is possible?  Maybe the user checked "trivial change"?
No, you can't choose not to have entries in edit-log.

RecentChanges does some optimizations to not show unnecessary duplicates.

E,g, if the page was edited yesterday AND today, it will only show you 1 
"update" entry under today (with [1-2] changes) and if you klick that 
link, the diff will be over every change since your bookmark.

This behaviour is maybe something one has to get used to / has to know, 
but it is definitely superior to simply showing every change, because it 
saves you lots of work.

This behaviour might depend on you having set a bookmark (on 
RecentChanges) and being logged in.
It might behave different if you are anonymous or don't have a bookmark set.

Looking at your screenshot, you are either not logged in or you never 
have set a bookmark - you really should do that for more comfort.

Maybe look at your global edit-log - if it has an entry for the missing 
edit and is not corrupted somehow, please post a bug report to the moin 
wiki and (if possible, attach those 2 edit-logs and the screenshots), so 
we can check if it is an error in moin or just unexpected display.

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