[Moin-user] Only write access

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Sep 26 07:51:15 EDT 2006

>  * ParentPage/
>  (from this page I want to let anonymous users create sub pages that
> they may write but not read!)
With current moin, that is not possible.

I don't even think this is practicable. If a user saves a page and wants 
to edit it again, he could not do that. He could not even find out what 
he himself has written to you 5 minutes (or 5 days) before as he does 
not have a copy of it.
> a) The creation right
> b) The edit right
> So I guess I can not have what I want right now which is to allow
> anonymous users a) but do not allow them b).
> But I think that would
> be very interesting because as I said this would allow to make kind of
> an inbox. Right now anonymous users can only be allowed to "just read"
> a page and not to "just write". The only solution is a page that
> everybody can read and write. But this means everybody could read
> content that he should not be able to read.
Yes, and with your idea, he could not even edit his own stuff again 
(because he saved to early or forgot something or wants to fix typos).

> And if not i hope we can have such a functionality in a
> future version.
If you find a usable concept, tell us. :)

Similar stuff is being done for a ftp server's upload directory 
sometimes. You just can upload files there, but you can't list the 
The difference is that you have a copy of those files (and often you 
don't want to edit those uploaded files).

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