[Moin-user] User login homepage?

Eduardo Mercovich eduardo.mercovich at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 08:31:10 EDT 2006

Hello Matthew.

> > > We're creating documentation sites for each of our clients,
> > > containing several pages each.  These are currently each in
> > > their own wiki, making user management a bit of a hassle. [...]
> >
> > What about a wiki farm with a common user directory?


> * Would I be able to define more than one user with superuser priv's?  I
> would assume I can define an acl_rights_before (in farmconfig.py) and
> have it inherited throughout, is that correct?

Yes, I believe. Superuser (in *config.py) is a series of one or more users.
In http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnConfiguration says:

 Superuser: List of trusted user names with wiki system administration
super powers (not to be confused with ACL admin rights!). Used for
e.g. making full backups, software installation, language installation
via SystemPagesSetup and more. See also HelpOnPackageInstaller.

> * With the common underlay, would that mean the templates would be
> inherited for each new wiki defined?

Only the templates included in the underlay will be shared. Then, each
wiki can have it's own specific templates too.

> If so, I think this answers my needs.

I am glad to hear so. :-)

> Then, the question is how to accomplish it.  I found the info on
> MoinMoin wiki regarding how to set up all user's homepages in a separate
> wiki, but didn't see anything about setting up a separate wiki for each
> new user.  Could you provide a summary of what you're going to do to set
> it up?

You don't setup up a wiki for each user. You set up a wiki for each
Client and/or project. Then:
 * All wikis will have you as superuser.
 * Each wiki will have ACL read/write for a group defined on it (a
list of the users for the client/project). The rest of the users will
have no ACL rights.
 * You can share or not templates, themes, etc.

If each wiki has one or more users, that is up to you.


PD: What does the rest of the people think about this? If everybody
agrees, after some testing, we could write a page in MoinMoin about
this type of use, maybe even suggesting tips and best practices.

Eduardo Mercovich
Buenos Aires - Argentina.

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