[Moin-user] Display of attachments

Rick Vanderveer rvanderveer at cognitivearts.com
Tue Sep 26 11:08:57 EDT 2006

Unfortunately, that's web-encoding of spaces, which isn't an allowed
character for web browsers. (All kinds of breakage would occur if you
somehow tried to change this).

The best thing to do is to educate users not to use spaces.

Or, perhaps the Moin-Moin team can create a filter to automatically replace
spaces with dashes (and warn the user that it's doing so).  Although, not
knowing the code, this might be more trouble than it's worth.


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Currently moinmoin displays  spaces within the filename of an attachments as
%20. For me its really ugly and i would like to know if there is an option
to change this ' translation '


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