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Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 13:01:19 EDT 2006

--- Thilo Pfennig <tpfennig at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, I am thinking about a solution where I could use the wiki as an
> inbox. Layout should be:
>  * ParentPage/
>  (from this page I want to let anonymous users create sub pages that
> they may write but not read!)
> So a user should be able to create a page:
>  * ParentPage/SubPage
> So this would be ACL:
> #acl All:write
> The problem is that I rigth now would have to solve this via
> AutoAdminGroup and only can allow Read and ReadWrite. There is no
> such
> thing as WriteGroup, although that would make sense and it is
> possible
> to only allow writing to a page. I know its a bit weird, because
> having the right to edit a page (which is Write) means also that you
> can read it in the editor. So there are really theoreticall two kind
> of write-rights:
> a) The creation right
> b) The edit right

You may want to take a look at the feature request at:

It is a modification to moin 1.5.4 that allows users to store acls on
newly created pages when they do not have admin rights.  The mod is
currently installed on a lightly used wiki so it is not well tested.

There are some differences between the intended use of the feature and
what you are trying to do.  On the wiki with the modification in place:
  * only logged in users may update pages
  * there are some pages anyone can read
  * there are some pages that only logged in users may read

The requirement is to allow logged in users to create wiki pages that
only other logged in users may read.  This is accomplished by placing
an acl rule in a template followed by a comment line with instructions
to not modify it.  A potential problem is that they CAN modify the acl
rule in the template.

So far, this seems to be working because the users agree that these
newly created pages should only be read by logged in users and so there
is no advantage to be gained by changing the template acl rule. 

In applying the mod to your requirements, it is easy to believe that
some users may be motivated to change or delete the default rule.

Roger Haase

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