[Moin-user] anti-spam features -discuss

Lukasz Szybalski szybalski at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 09:44:31 EST 2007


Is there  '''checkbox batch delete''' page where I can delete 30 spam
pages that were created, at once?

How hard would it be do add something like RBL list and spamassassin
like program to moinmoin?

If I delete pages and comment says 'SPAM' the page information should
be submitted to '''spamassassin''' like program which would enable
score based pages action. Depending on score one could disable or
enable save/edit.

If RBL solution existed (this should stop 85%) of the spam as it does
for email spam.
  -The way it works it would check editor/saver ip address to see if
it is listed in RBL anti-spam server. (If he is, he cannot edit/save
  -Ip address should be submited to RBL moin anti-spam server(if page
was deleted with comment '''SPAM''', or reverted with comment
'''SPAM''')(after passing some threshold server will add the ip to its
  - RBL anti-spam server should be an option to enable, and it will work great.

Any ideas? Are there any programs there that would enable these features?


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