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Eduardo Mercovich eduardo.mercovich at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 12:30:42 EST 2007

Hello Kai.

I copied this to the list because if this is a common problem, this
discussion may be useful to others.

> > I couldn't find yet a user (and I don't usually test with one of your
> > "really clever guy") that fails to go to the home page when the logo
> > is:
> >  * clearly (visually) a logo, and
> >  * it's positioned in the upper left corner
> >
> > So before changing the design solution, I would check if it is not a
> > design implementation problem. Is your site public so we can see it?

> Look at http://aplwiki.aplteam.com/

Mmm... it seems affordable enough to me. However, I am not your user:
if they don't see it, they don't see it.

Possible things to try:
 * make it more "clickable" (border, font, color).
 * make it more "logo" (round border, graphic, and the like).
 * make it part of the navi bar (see attached low fi prototype).

I hope one or more works... :-)

In case the last one could, we can make it part of a theme.


Eduardo Mercovich
Buenos Aires - Argentina.


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