[Moin-user] Eliminate BadContent from search results?

Gnarlodious lists.gnarlodious at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 14:02:00 EST 2007

I will add here the result of my previous conversation (from Waldmann):

> I would like to make the BadContent page unreadable by not logged-in
> users.

As the page is fetched from MoinMaster, that would've needed to be done there.

You maybe could experiment whether the update still works when you set
local ACLs (they will vanish after the update, of course).

> How would I do that? It seems that the page is updated from the
> http://master.moinmo.in/BadContent original. Could it become a
> moin-wide policy to disallow anonymous reading of that file across all
> wikis?

Well, as this is used on very many moin wikis (in many different moin
versions), there should be some test whether this works for everybody first.

> In addition, the BadContent page always shows up in the
> RecentChangesMax macro. Is there some way to exclude it from general
> system recognition?

There is no way (yet). But seeing that it updates is also a good thing,
as you see your updates still work. :)

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