[Moin-user] How to attach folder

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Tue Dec 18 19:44:18 EST 2007

There isn't really any such thing in Moin Wiki. Files on the server
are not organized by actual folders, but show a pseudo-folder URL in
the browser. This means that all pages in the Wiki are in one giant
folder in your FTP window. The slash character in your browser's URL
bar is denoted by the (2f) character code, which leads users to think
there is a folder structure.

-- Gnarlie
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On 12/18/07, Manjula Kumar wrote:
> Is it not possible to attach a folder as it is without compressing it.That
> is when to click on  the link it should led to the folder.
> Thanks in Advance for the help,
> Manjula
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> On 12/17/07, Manjula Kumar wrote:
> >  Can anyone let me know how to attach folder.
> You would need to compress it with zip or tar or some other archiving
> scheme.
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