[Moin-user] 1.6.0rc1: Can't start standalone server

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Dec 19 09:14:02 EST 2007

> I can't be able to start moin.py like I used to with 1.5.8 (just run it w/ no
> additional arguments).
> I'm getting the below error message.

This is the moin utility, not the standalone server.

The standalone server script is moin.py in the toplevel directory of the 
distribution archive.

> Might I add that the documentation is very verbose and not very useful. The
> installation process (for standalone server at least, which IMHO is what any
> user wanting to give Moin a try will do) boils down to few ultra simple
> commands, but you get lose in the maze of overly verbose, and duplicated
> documentation (repeats itself for every server). Also needs to be pointed out
> that Moin installs as a regular python module inside your existing Python
> installation, there is no PREFIX to specify for most users if you can write to
> your Python installation (are either root or regular user but using your own
> compiled python).

Well, the docs are in a wiki on http://master.moinmo.in. :)

If you want to do bigger changes there, please first join us on #moin 
IRC channel to discuss about it.

BTW, in 1.6 you can just invoke moin.py from the toplevel dir and it 
will work.

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