[Moin-user] 1.6.0rc1: Can't start standalone server

Gal Aviel galaviel at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 12:08:03 EST 2007

HI Thomas, Thanks for the reply :)
you saved me - it works now.

If I choose to use Moin,I will probably try follow your suggestion and to
contribute to the documentation.

Moin looks like a great product and for a Python geek like me seems a sure bet,
but it's rough around the edges. 

For example, in the (wrong) moin.py script that I used as the stand-alone 
server (At the python insallation,  
.../Python-2.5.1/share/moin/server/moin.py), it says :
 # see the toplevel directory for the real moin.py

Top level directory of what ? 
If it would have said 'top level directory of the installation archive' then I
would have probably picked that up. Although even this does not seem to be main
stream : why look in the installation archive when you have completed a full
installation successfully? usually I delete it. All the files that are of any
meaning should be installed by now. 

Anyway thanks again,


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