[Moin-user] Deleting revisions?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Dec 27 05:20:43 EST 2007

> Alas, there will be a time when, mostly because of revisions, i will
> not have any more space on the stick.

Well, maybe by that time, there will also be some dirt cheap bigger usb
stick. :)

> Is it possible to 'compress' or drop some of the revisions without
> affecting the wiki?

There is no tool for that yet.

You can manually remove page revisions, though. If you can live without
statistics, you can also get rid of even.log from time to time (truncate

Maybe with some future backend, there will be some compression /
bundling / purge policy (I think we'll need that as soon as we will have
revisioned binary items).

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