[Moin-user] Howto migrate from Moinmoin 1.5.8 -> Moinmoin 1.6.0 ?

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 11:28:05 EST 2007

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I am not sure if I have understand this right. But if you only have
copied your pages dir to a fresh instance then you have missed the meta

more meta in data gives
data_format_revision: 01060000

the migration script does read this file and knows then what all
migration scripts are needed. (in this case it thinks "nothing")

better you do copy the whole data dir.


Uwe Rehse schrieb:
> Greetings,
> during this night I have installed the new MoinMoin release 1.6.0 on
> my openSuSE 10.3 (Python 2.5.1) PC. Because I'm a long time MoinMoin
> user with several installations (with a few thousand pages) in my
> company the installation finished with no problems; the test wiki
> (that means a new instance) is working as expected.
> But the migration of an existing 1.5.8-wiki failed: I have created a
> new 1.6.0 instance, copy the files 1.5.8-wiki/data/pages to the direc-
> tory 1.6.0-wiki/data/pages and called the script
> moin --config-dir=/usr/share/moin/1.6.0-wiki
> --wiki-url=http://localhost/1.6.0-wiki migration data
> (following README.migration)
> The script finished with the message
> ------------
> Calling migration script for /usr/local/share/moin/jumbonet/data, base revision
> 1060000
> Final mig script reached, migration is complete.
> ------------
> But the result is not as expected: the new MoinMoin wiki uses a different
> syntax for macros & links: e.g. new <<Include(..)>>, old [[Include(..)]];
> the syntax for named HTML-links changed too. The "old"-syntax seems not to
> work anymore and the migration procedure did not convert the old syntax in to
> the new one.
> So, unfortunately, at the moment the "migrated" 1.6.0-wiki is completely
> useless for me.
> I tried to update a working 1.5.8 installation to 1.6.0 on another system
> with the same unsatisfying result.
> May be I was doing something wrong during the migration procedure; but
> reading the manuals and searching at the moinmoin-homepage (and asking
> Google...) did not provide a solution...
> Could you give me any hint howto to solve the described problem ?
> Thanks,
> Uwe
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