[Moin-user] broken/changed behavior for RecentChanges in 1.5.6

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Jan 2 03:52:57 EST 2007

>>> The RecentChanges page in Moin 1.5.6 appears to only be providing  
>>> the *last*
>>> change on each page in the listing.  A good example of this is here:
>>> http://mhvlug.org/RecentChanges?max_days=14.  The page
>>> http://mhvlug.org/Welcome has been modified many times in the  
>>> window shown,
>>> but only the most recent one is listed.

You seem to see a different page than me, I see it listed multiple times 
there. I am not logged in.

And there also seems to be some strange effect with the theme. Although 
I am not logged in, it shows me the green updated and yellow new icons 
that are normally only used when you are logged in and have a bookmark 
set. But they only link to the diff between most recent revision and 2nd 
most recent edition. So this seems to be a problem with the theme you 
use maybe? It should use the blue-red glasses icon for that case.

>>> Is there an easy change to get the previous behavior where multiple  
>>> changes per page are shown?

What do you mean by "previous"? The optimized way moin shows 
RecentChanges didn't change since a long time.

> I'm sad to see the maintainers appear to be wed to the current behavior, as
> I've gotten plenty of user complaints from my wikis (beyond just me) after
> this change occurred. :(

Are you maybe confusing this with mediawiki style?

If not, please tell me when that "change" happened (and why your RC 
looks so different when not logged in).

BTW, RecentChanges is just a macro and everybody wanting mediawiki style 
RC (listing every single edit separately) can just install another macro 
doing this.

I don't consider moin's condensed way showing RC being a bug, but a 
feature. BTW, if you don't already do it: being logged in and using RC 
bookmarks is the best way using it.

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