[Moin-user] Newbie question

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at designaproduct.biz
Thu Jan 4 10:49:54 EST 2007


I just installed a new MoinMoin instance. I do not know too much about 
MoinMoin. All I need is to create categorized pages, in a tree stucture. 
I used the CategoryCategory template, but it does not work for me. For 
example, I created a page 'Policy' and another called 
'EmailSendingPolicy'. The Policy page lists many other pages that I do 
not want. For example, "HelpOnAutoAdmin", "HelpOnUpdating" etc. I 
presume this is because they also contain the word "Policy". I would 
rather like to have a normal table of contents page, and list the pages 
only that link to the current page. I found the TableOfContents macro, 
but I'm not sure how to use it. Please help me.



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