[Moin-user] Newbie question

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at designaproduct.biz
Thu Jan 4 12:02:44 EST 2007

> CategoryCategory is not a template but a category name. The Category
> template is CategoryTemplate. You will need to nmame a category after
> the pattern "PolicyCategory" and "EmailSendingPolicyCategory".
Okay, I renamed it to 'PolicyCategory'. 'EmailSendingPolicy' happes to 
be a regular page, not a category so I did not rename it. Now my problem 
is that 'PolicyCategory' also lists itself as a contained document.

The starting page ("MyStartingPage") still lists HelpOnLanguages as a 
contained document. Can I use

page_front_page = u"Home"   instead of  page_front_page = 
u"MyStartingPage" ? If so, why it is not documented? wikiconfig.py says 

 >#a.) if most wiki content is in a single language
 >page_front_page  = u"MyStartingPage"
 >#b.)  if wiki content is maintained in many languages:
 >page_front_page = u"FrontPage"

It prompts that these two page names are special and do something 
magical. Is this the case? (It was not clear to me that another name 
(except FrontPage) can be used in place of MyStartingPage.)



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