[Moin-user] Newbie question

Thilo Pfennig email at pfennigsolutions.de
Sat Jan 6 04:03:09 EST 2007

Laszlo Nagy schrieb:
> Laszlo Nagy wrote:
>>> CategoryCategory is not a template but a category name. The Category
>>> template is CategoryTemplate. You will need to nmame a category after
>>> the pattern "PolicyCategory" and "EmailSendingPolicyCategory".
>> Okay, I renamed it to 'PolicyCategory'. 'EmailSendingPolicy' happes to 
>> be a regular page, not a category so I did not rename it. Now my problem 
>> is that 'PolicyCategory' also lists itself as a contained document.
> Any words on this? Why a category lists itself as a containing document? 
> How can I avoid this?
> Thanks,
Hm, you would have to work on the regukar expressions for FullSearch 
maybe? Normally it lists all pages who mention PolicyCategory (in title
or on the page). This is the standard behaviour.


Thilo Pfennig
PfennigSolutions - Wiki-Systeme

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