[Moin-user] Notation for external file links?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sun Jan 7 01:26:20 EST 2007

> thank you for the link! Nevertheless I doubt some of the contents:
> (1) IE can't handle spaces (%20 replacements) properly

There was no version specification there, maybe there has been a bug in 
IE that is fixed meanwhile!?

> (2) Opera does not support linking

It explicitely tells that some specific versions of Opera don't support 
this. Until proven that THOSE versions do support it, you better take 
that as true.

If you can prove that a specific newer opera version does support the 
syntax described on the wiki page, just add that info.

> I use a minimal html test file:
> ---
> <html>
> <a href="file://server-name/fileserver/dir/dir%20space/">link</a>
> </html>
> ---

The syntax described on the page (and AFAIK also the standard) for file 
links is different (count the slashes).

> Both, IE6 and Opera 9.10 reach the target directory. When I provide the *same* URL to MoinMoin, it fails as described.

Well, look into the html generated and report back about differences found.

> Is there a reason... or better: is there a solution? I do want to have a link and not an attachment in the Wiki page.

That stuff is problematic. So expect problems if you use it.

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