[Moin-user] How to cope with CGI-Error?

Reinhard Mayr aka Czerwinski czerwinski1977 at gmx.net
Mon Jan 8 08:07:36 EST 2007

Hi there,

I am about to set up a wiki instance on a Windows Server 2003/IIS6 system.
I did it like explained in http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/HelpOnInstalling/InternetInformationServer -- with minor success :-/

When I try to access the page via http://servername/wikiname I recieve a directory listing denial (German: "Auflistung in Verzeichnis verweigert").
When I try to directly address the CGI script via http://servername/wikiname/moin.cgi I recieve "Die angegebene CGI-Anwendung hat keinen vollständigen Satz von HTTP-Headern zurückgegeben.", saying something like "The given CGI application did not return a complete set of HTTP headers".

Can somebody please explain what is going on and how to solve this problem? Maybe even an exact translation of the German messages could be helpful.

Thanks in advanve!

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