[Moin-user] What kind of configuration I should use (from FastCGI over ISAPI to Twisted)?

mail at heavy.ch mail at heavy.ch
Wed Jan 10 17:56:34 EST 2007

Hi There

I'm a bit unsure what kind of Wiki-configuration I should use now... the
goal is to get a intranet (farmconfig) running for around 20-50peoples
(not current- and not heavy-users, since yet). The System will be an
Windows 2003 Server with 2 Xeon CPUs and 1GB RAM, scsi raid5 (nothing

At the moment I planing the MoinMoin 1.5.6 with python 2.5 and the
latest Twisted release. But I'm not sure..

1. CGI with Apache is to slow, but well it works :)

2. mod_python with Apache is hungry for ram (so say others), but on my
private Apache under Fedora linux, it works great.

3. FastCGI not yet tried out, but should be faster then mod_py and maybe
also harder to install?

4. StandAlone, well not that what I want

5. Twisted, works great on a WindowsXP Client and like I said, I will
install this on my windows 2003 server. Well maybe it's just a bit more
"simpatico", coz' its written in python...

6. IIS6 and ISAPI; well not tried out yet! I'm not realy a friend of
IIS. But It should be fast like Apache and FastCGI.

I found some performance infos (see links below), but they are all seems
old and only for moin 1.3. So what your experiences or recommences? Has
anybody long term experience with Twisted under Windows?



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