[Moin-user] Cannot stay logged in

Edmund Lian elian at inbrief.net
Thu Jan 11 14:01:31 EST 2007

On Jan 12, 2007, at 2:14, David Cramer wrote:

> We have a similar problem where the user is logged out. It results  
> from a conflict with a cookie they pick up from another site on our  
> intranet. When you log into our wiki using the url http:// 
> server.motive.com/wikiname, you're booted instantly if you have the  
> bad cookie. If you log in via http://server/wikiname,  it's fine.  
> Thought I'd mention it in case you're hitting some similar situation.

I checked the cookie that I'm getting, it looks fine.

The only other thing that I can think of is that there is some  
problem with time zone handling in Moinmoin and the cookies it sets.  
The server is set to UTC, and it is in Asia. In the past, this kind  
of lock-out occurred fleetingly (for about an hour or two) around 10  
am to 12 noon EST. When this occurred, either Firefox or Safari would  
stay logged in, but not both. The problem would resolve itself after  
a few hours. The other users never experienced this problem, so I  
have to assume that my travel between timezones is a factor.

The cookie lifetime for Moinmoin is set to 48 hours (verified by  
examining the cookie), so one would think the timezone differences  
would not matter.

Give that Firefox and Safari were taking turns to be locked out (and  
now remain locked out constantly), I hazard to guess that there is  
some difference between how these browsers handle cookies, and it is  
not agreeing with Moinmoin's assumptions about cookies and timezones.


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