[Moin-user] Extend moin: design doc, custom syntax, drop down lists

Curt Smith chsmith at speakeasy.net
Thu Jan 11 22:48:48 EST 2007


I'm interested in building a stock market monitoring site on top of moin (or you
suggest if you think there's a more appropriate starting point).

I could use a design doc of the source and file based design?

Features I need:

- require a login to navigate the site.

- A user get's their own root off the home page and adds walled off content of
their own.  They may not know about other users.  I'd hate for this to be easier
using farms and each user get's their own moin wiki.

- custom tag/macros

- templates with drop down lists that come from the users profile

- a back ground tasks (I write) that walks the wiki latest version files and
addes  content to pages.  Is there a cache issue here?

- A user may navigate through common links (stock symbols) to other user's pages
but is in read only mode and may only see some of the content (filtering private
info that may be in custom tags/macros).

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks, curt

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