[Moin-user] Expirence with Multiple MoinMoin Wikis and User-Preferences

Marcel Häfner marcel.haefner at heavy.ch
Fri Jan 12 16:31:40 EST 2007

Hi there

Everbody knows this function "Jump to last visited page instead of
frontpage". And I will now put this on top of my list "pain in the ass
with moinmoin".

Situation; I setup the latest moinmoin-wiki with apache2/mod_python on a
windows2003-server. I used three rootwikis with a farmconfig.

Now everytime when I logged in Wiki1.local and Wiki2.local (as User) I
couldn't switch directly from http://Wiki1.local to http://Wiki2.local
(I preferred to use the wiki-farm-bar; on my sinorca4moin theme). It
always brought me back to the Startpoint of http://Wiki1.local. But if
I'm using links like http://Wiki2.local/Frontpage I could "jump" from
Wiki1 to Wiki2. So.. what the hell is goin' on?

Coz' I'm a newbie with Modpython and Apache, I started to watch the logs
for rewrite, httpd access and errors. Nothing special until I saw that
the access-logs shows a "302" messages, every time I tried to switch
from one wiki to another... 

Well, I used now the past 2 or 3 hours looking around in my httpd.conf,
virtualhosting, rewrite rules, moinconfig and even DNS-Configuration for
some kind of redirection, Moving-whatever-rules or something
buggie/wrong configured in my farmwiki-config. Damm!

The solution was, just a simple click to deactivate the Function "Jump
to the last visited page" in my user-preferences. Damm! Is this a Bug..
or a feature? 
--> Is there any way to work with this function and also running
multiple wikis with different domainnames? Well well... time to go home
and wish ya all a happy weekend.


ps. user_checkbox_remove in farmconfig helps a lot!!

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