[Moin-user] Expirence with Multiple MoinMoin Wikis and User-Preferences

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Sat Jan 13 06:29:02 EST 2007

> Everbody knows this function "Jump to last visited page instead of
> frontpage". And I will now put this on top of my list "pain in the ass
> with moinmoin".

X) - you don't need to use that function if it doesn't do what you want.

> couldn't switch directly from http://Wiki1.local to http://Wiki2.local
> (I preferred to use the wiki-farm-bar; on my sinorca4moin theme). It
> always brought me back to the Startpoint of http://Wiki1.local. But if
> I'm using links like http://Wiki2.local/Frontpage I could "jump" from
> Wiki1 to Wiki2. So.. what the hell is goin' on?

If you don't supply a pagename, but just call the root url of the wiki, 
moin has to make up a pagename somehow.

If that remember last visited page is enabled in your userprefs, it will 
look into the trail and get the last page you visited from there. Maybe 
this code is a bit too simple yet to support multiple wikis correctly.

If that remember last visited page is disabled, it will just go to 

So the solution you have found is correct: either don't enable that 
setting or use /FrontPage.

> The solution was, just a simple click to deactivate the Function "Jump
> to the last visited page" in my user-preferences. Damm! Is this a Bug..
> or a feature? 

The remembering function is of course a feature, but there might be a 
bug in combination with farm wikis.

Also, in combination with farm wikis, this function could be defined in 
two ways:

a) if you enter any of the farm wikis (by using its root url), jump to 
the page where you left the wiki farm last time (the page might be in 
another farm wiki).

b) if you enter any of the farm wiki, jump to the page where you left 
THAT wiki last time (might be a problem if this is not in the trail file 
any more)

I guess it currently should behave as a). Can you check that please?
e.g. do this:

enable remember-last-visited-page
visit WikiA/somepage
close browser
visit WikiB/  (must be root url of that wiki)
does it show WikiA/somepage now? if yes, this is correct behaviour as 
this was the last page you visited.

If it doesn't behave like a) and you don't want us to forget fixing it, 
maybe just file a bug report about it on the wiki.

Concerning the observed "misbehavior" when using the root urls for 
inter-wiki navigation: I guess the only solution is to either add a 
pagename or avoid remember-last-page-visited function.

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