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kai@aplteam.com kaithomasmax at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 15 04:05:55 EST 2007

Hello there

When I created my Wiki I tried to stay close to another Wiki driven by
MoinMoin called J wiki.

Now I notice two annoying differences.

When I try to logon to the J Wiki, I get a reasonable message _on the
same page_ when I failed to enter the correct logon data. In my Wiki,
it's going back to the FrontPage and _then_ displays the message. This
is obviosly nonsense, because people have to go back to try again, of
course. Furthermore, people tend to think "job's done", ignoring the
message, because the page change suggests that it was fine.

When I create a new account on J wiki, I am logged in automatically
after providing proper information, and my "personal preferences" page
is displayed. On my Wiki, it stays on the "create account" page and
tells me that I am now able to login. I don't want to stay on that
page, never: the job is done. And why I am asked again to enter userid
and password I've just defined?

Are these differneces caused by the different versions? And if the
answer is yes, is there a way to get the "old" behaviour back - it is
much better?!

My Wiki is driven by MoinMoin 1.5.5
J Wiki is driven by MoinMoin 1.3.5

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