[Moin-user] Cannot stay logged in

Eamon Nerbonne eamon at nerbonne.org
Tue Jan 16 04:51:13 EST 2007

Sorry, can't seem to find the time to look into this more closely.  My
remark about it potentially being client-side caching related stemmed from
the interaction in an old (1.5.3?) version of moinmoin, which I believe to
be fixed now.  Beyond that, I don't have an idea.  You might try completely
disabling caching in your browser just to make sure.  If you have firefox,
then you can use the web-developer toolbar to achieve that: it's an entry in
that toolbar's disable menu.

If it's cache-related, then my work-around is the following (if you use
apache as I):

In your .htaccess file inside the directory containing moin.cgi, add the
following two lines.  These will limit caching and thus also have a
performance impact.

Header set Cache-Control "must-revalidate, no-cache"
Header unset Last-Modified

If this really solves your problem, I can explain the cause of the bug
(which is pretty obscure), but probably your issue is an entirely different


On 1/11/07, Edmund Lian < elian at inbrief.net> wrote:
> On Jan 11, 2007, at 16:58, Eamon Nerbonne wrote:
> > This sounds like it might be a client-side caching problem.  Which
> > version of moinmoin are you running, and how are you serving it (CGI?)
> Thanks for responding! Moinmoin is at V 1.5.6, and it is being served
> via Apache2/mod-python.
> ...Edmund.

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