[Moin-user] Category Bug

kai@aplteam.com kaithomasmax at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 16 14:41:21 EST 2007

I found a bug in MoinMoin. Unfortunately I cannot explain exactly what
I did to trigger it, but the consequenses are still annoying me:

Asking for a "Category" list I get some pages. Among them is a page
"CategoryIbmApl" which In strongly believe to have rename to
"CategoryApl2". However, tje list does _not_ contain a page

When I try to rename "CategoryIbmApl2" into "CategoryApl2" I get an
error: Page "CategoryApl2" aleady exist. When I look into the
"data/pages" direcoty, there is indeed a folder "CategoryApl2".

However, asking explicitly about "CategoryApl2" result in 0 hits.

What should I do? Delete the "CategoryApl2" folder from data/pages??


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