[Moin-user] Slow degradation into CGI Error on IIS6, Server 2k3

Ben Koski BKoski at apexdigitalsystems.com
Thu Jan 18 12:33:48 EST 2007

Several months back, I sold my company on MoinMoin for its internal
documentation needs. Everyone loved the system, until this morning when
I came in and was greeted by a "CGI Error: The specified CGI application
misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers" when I tried
to load the wiki.
The wiki is version 1.5.4, hosted on a Windows 2k3 box with IIS 6 and
Python 2.4. The wiki, of course, is served via Python CGI.
The first thing I did was inspect the output by invoking "python.exe -u
moin.cgi" from the command line. The output from this CGI looked clean,
and only differed from a functional test copy on my local machine with a
couple of caching headers--I have no idea why the headers were
different, but their absence in the production version shouldn't make
any difference, I think.
Then I did an IIS reset. Wiki immediately came back up, but if I
hammered it by holding down Ctrl+R in my browser, it would hit the CGI
error again. If I let it sit for a minute and then refreshed again, the
page would load correctly. If I repeated this process several times and
then let it sit for a couple minutes, the Wiki would then refuse to load
and return the error on every load.
I thought maybe it was a problem with data so I created another test
instance on the production server--same problem. I thought maybe my
site-package had somehow been corrupted, so I tried replacing this with
an original source copy. No change.
Has anyone run into this issue before? The fact that it doesn't blow up
on first load suggests to me that it is not a configuration error (or at
least an obvious configuration error).
Any ideas?
Ben Koski
Web Developer
Apex Digital Systems
1010 Wayne Ave, Suite 800
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 588-9767 x114
bkoski at apexds.com
www.apexds.com <http://www.apexds.com/> 
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