[Moin-user] MoinMoin Error Message: [Errno 24] Too many open files

=?utf-8?B?TWFyY2VsIEjkZm5lcg==?= marcel.haefner at heavy.ch
Thu Jan 25 10:54:43 EST 2007

Hi there

I'm running a Intranet-Wiki on a Windows2003 Server with Apache and
Mod_Python and sure the latest stable MoinMoin Version. For a few days &
weeks everything works fast and with no problems.

Today, while I was editing like a "madman", well needed to update a lot of
pages, I just receivded the following error message (from MoinMoin):

[Errno 24] Too many open files:
If you want to report a bug, please save this page and attach it to your
bug report.

(Comment: The Path (like D:\\Daten\\wiki...)  were different, depend on
witch wikifarm or site I did open).

Temporary Solution: After restarting the Apache Server everything works
(I also tried to extend the timeout of the surge-protection, but don't
believe that this could be the solution. Now, I’m waiting to reproduce the
error… 

I saw some info (2years old) about the same message under:

So I need Help!
- First, is this a Windows, Apache, Mod_Python or MoinMoin Bug/Problem?
- Can I some how extend the max. limit for open files or something like
that with my apache configuration or in the a moinmoin source?
--> Or what should I do to solve this?

Thx for any Help!


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