[Moin-user] Help with ACLs

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Jan 26 05:45:25 EST 2007

> I noticed that I can create another user foo, who however can't do 
> anything. Is it still the case that there is no good way to disable 
> additional user creation?
It is the usual thing for wikis that users create their own accounts.

Having an account gives a user no rights at all - except if YOU tell 
moin to do in the configuration (by using ACLs with Known/All:read,write).
If you don't want that, just don't do that and specify more specific 
rights - e,g. "EditorGroup:read,write All:read" - then only people in 
EditorGroup will be able to edit.

BTW: moin's default ACLs are of course wiki-like, so if you don't 
specify any ACLs in your config, it will use the rather open defaults.

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