[Moin-user] Limits of MoinMoin

Mark Volkert mark.volkert at rakekniven.de
Fri Jan 26 11:35:21 EST 2007

Hello Thomas, 
thank you for the detailed answer.

Am Freitag, 26. Januar 2007 12:55 schrieb Thomas Waldmann:
> So as long as you do not attach extremely many files (>>1000 if you use
> a bad filesystem) to a single page, I see no problem with the filesystem.
I am using ext3 and think about a max. of 40 files for a page.

> Maybe having >>100 files per page will give some usability problems as
> AttachFile action renders a list of the files (and long lists are harder
> to use than short ones), but this is also  only for extreme amounts
> attached to a single page.

> Of course you will need a good backup of your wiki (including the files).
We do a sequential backup every night.

> 1.6 will be able to index your attached file and search in their
> contents, maybe this will be a nice feature for you (when it's ready).
> Due to using an index, it won't have a problem with bigger amounts of
> files, just then initial indexing will take longer, of course.
What is the release schedule?
Which file types will see search function support?


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