[Moin-user] email addresses of AdminGroup folk? map url to local file?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Jan 27 20:35:22 EST 2007

(It seems I am unable to send mail to the list.  My posts just evaporate into the
ether.  So I am resending using gmane...)

How would I get the email addresses of the people in the AdminGroup from
within the Moin code?  I'm working on a SpamBayes-based security policy and
want to send the admin(s) the URL for a page which fails to pass muster with
the SpamBayes scoring.

Also, is it possible to (again, within the SpamBayes code) map a URL
referring to a page in the wiki to a local file within the wiki or should I
simply urlopen it to get its contents?


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