[Moin-user] Limits of MoinMoin

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sun Jan 28 07:30:47 EST 2007

>> 1.6 will be able to index your attached file and search in their
>> contents, maybe this will be a nice feature for you (when it's ready).
>> Due to using an index, it won't have a problem with bigger amounts of
>> files, just then initial indexing will take longer, of course.
> What is the release schedule?

When it is ready. :) To be more exact: a public beta when the converter 
is ready. The main problem currently is converting bigger existing 
wikis, not using the 1.6 branch code for new wikis.

> Which file types will see search function support?

Assuming you have the filtering tools installed (antiword, catdoc, 
pdftotext): doc xls pdf openoffice jpeg html xml text and maybe some 
more that have readable text in them

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