[Moin-user] How do I prevent non-regsitered users from readingpages?

Evans-Brown, Michael M.J.Evans-Brown at ljmu.ac.uk
Sun Jan 28 17:44:47 EST 2007

OK, I found out how to create a closed community:

You must have admin rights for this, see How To Become An Admin.

Create the group MembersGroup and add the members user names. See How To Create Groups
In your configuration file, either wikiconfig.py or farmconfig.py, set these variables:
    acl_rights_before = (u"MyName:read,write,revert,delete,admin MembersGroup:read,write,revert,delete")
    acl_rights_default = u"All:"

but how I can I prevent "Immutable Page"s from being viewed site-wide without using an ACL on each page?


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This may seem like a stupid question - and I have had a look at the documentation - but I can't for the life of me work out how to globally set my wiki to prevent non registered users from reading pages - i.e. I only want to allow registered, logged-in users to read pages.

Also, how can I disable/limit registration of new users?



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