[Moin-user] Possible MoinMoin bugs/browser incompatibilities

A. Scottedward Hodel hodelas at auburn.edu
Wed Jan 31 08:57:39 EST 2007

I am using MoinMoin to set up separate wiki's for design projects I  
am supervising.  Students have identified two difficulties, one of  
which I am able to duplicate.

(1) Firefox: exception thrown when switching from GUI editing to Text  
editing.  Edits are lost.  This occurs with the latest version of  
Firefox under both Windows and Mac OS X.

(2)  Category lists: pages that use the macro [[FullSearch 
(WeeklyReportCategory)]] do not always list all reports.  I cannot  
duplicate this bug, but I am usually using Safari under Mac OS X and  
am logged in as the administrator.

If further detail or testing would be useful to help debug the  
problem, I'll be glad to continue to work the problem.


A. Scottedward Hodel, 334 844-1854, fax 334 844-1809
hodelas at auburn.edu http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~hodelas

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