[Moin-user] Possible MoinMoin bugs/browser incompatibilities

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Jan 31 09:22:06 EST 2007

> (1) Firefox: exception thrown when switching from GUI editing to Text  
> editing.  Edits are lost.  This occurs with the latest version of  
> Firefox under both Windows and Mac OS X.
I guess this depends rather on the html you have in the gui editor than 
the browser version you use.
The tricky part of that gui editing stuff is that it is done with a HTML 
editor (FCKeditor) - when saving (or switching to text editor),
moin has to convert the html to wiki markup.

Depending on the html, this might trigger problems in the converter. 
Esp. people pasting stuff from ms word triggered this problem - in that 
case this is caused by the strange html produced by ms word. Also, the 
converter is complex and far from perfect, the next release will fix 
some more of its shortcomings.

It would help us if someone analyzed which html tags are still 
problematic (or at least exactly describes how to reproduce it) and 
posted a bug report about it to the moinmoin wiki.
> (2)  Category lists: pages that use the macro [[FullSearch 
> (WeeklyReportCategory)]] do not always list all reports.  I cannot  
> duplicate this bug, but I am usually using Safari under Mac OS X and  
> am logged in as the administrator.
I don't think this is related to your browser. If it can't be 
reproduced, it will be a bit hard to debug / fix.

Display of search results can depend on the user, though: if you have 
ACLs on the pages not allowing read access by some users, then those 
users also won't "find" those pages.
> If further detail or testing would be useful to help debug the  
> problem, I'll be glad to continue to work the problem.
The best way to help is to post bug reports to the wiki and give as much 
details as possible.


If you get a traceback, please save (the verbose form of) it as 
backtrace.html and attach it to the bug page.

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