[Moin-user] Question about MoinMoin

Robert Seeger Private robert.seeger at usa.net
Thu Mar 1 17:18:56 EST 2007

Hi John,
I think you can do this just by setting a config option, but have never
bothered (I only do intranet wikis with low security and no spammers), so I
forward your question to the user list.

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  I'm writing this email to you after finding your name from
  I will really appreciate for your kindness if you can help me.

  I just started small MoinMoin site: www.guipedia.net/guidewiki , but I
found some problem.
  By default, anyone can see the editor's IP address on his/her name (by
tooltips) from 'RecentChanges' and 'Info' of any pages, right?
  What I want to do is to disable this function. (mouseover tooltip)
  (Probably nobody wants to expose his/her IP address, I guess.)
  So that anyone can see only his ID, not his entire IP address. (from
  If someone edit something without login, then it's O.K. to show his/her IP

  I'm using Python 2.5, MoinMoin 1.5.6 on Windows XP.
  Since I'm a new in MoinMoin and Python world, it's not easy to understand

  If you have to spend too much time to answer, never mind.

  I really appreciate for your time to read this e-mail.


  John Lee ( JohnLee at guipedia.net )
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