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James oscartheduck at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 09:26:21 EST 2007

> if you also want to avoid giving read access to users from the internet,
> you could do some firewall based authentication in front of your wiki.
> Thus you would have to authenticate from the internet but could use your
> wiki freely from the intranet.

The default install only listens on localhost, doesn't it? So I wouldn't
have thought that would be an issue.

IN fact,  now I think about it, if you're using this on windows then unless
people are connecting on the same computer, you'll need to install full moin
to provide wiki access as moin.exe only listens on localhost.

As far as the access rights of new registered users is concerned, you
> can use the acls in your pages.
> And you also could avoid the registering of new users.
> But when thinking of all these things you really should use the standard
> moin moin installation.

http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/FeatureRequests/DisableUserCreation gives
some neat ideas if you have a full moin install. The one that seems closest
to what you're asking for is to assign new users to a default group with
only read access and then manually review new user accounts to add them to a
read/write group.
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