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Daniel Klein danielk at featherbrain.net
Wed Mar 7 13:25:40 EST 2007

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>I am trying to setup a somewhat limited wiki using moinmoin 
>DesktopEdition. The problem I have is on how to stop new users to 
>register or only allow new users when approved by an administrator. 
>Is there a way to do that? The reason is that I want to limit some 
>parts to only registered users and as long as anyone can register 
>that is not good.

I am doing something similar in that I want to restrict access to the wiki
from everyone except a few people. However I am not running the

The way I have this set up is to create a 'TrustedGroup' with the login
names of the people who can access the site. Each user in the list must have
a valid Login username. As the 'admin' you can set this up in advance.

My acl's are set up like this:

acl_rights_default = u"TrustedGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:"
acl_rights_before = u"DanielKlein:read,write,delete,revert,admin"

I do not have 'acl_enabled = 1'. I'm not sure what this does as it seems to
work without it.

I guess if this configuration is wrong then someone on this list will let me
know (politely I hope <grin>).

Daniel Klein

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