[Moin-user] "User preferences" link is missing

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu May 3 07:17:23 EDT 2007

>> "User preferences" don't seem to be anywhere in my new Wiki. So I can't
>> "register" myself in the Wiki, I am poor old anonymous "192". The
>> HelpOnUserPreferences help page implies that it should be visible in any
>> theme, on every page.
> After casting about for a long time, I tried just loading the page
> called "UserPreferences" and lo! There everything was. So I added a link
> to it on the starting page and all is now well. I still don't know why
> it isn't visible in any of the supplied themes, though.

Another comment: there should be a link to UserPreferences on the page 
you get when you click on "login" (see top border in modern theme).

> PS: Not much activity on this list :-(

Well, many people prefer using the moinmoin wiki site. :D

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