[Moin-user] user info in moinmoin

Rettig, Lane Lane.Rettig at deshaw.com
Fri May 4 11:20:28 EDT 2007

All of this information is stored in the edit-log file for each wiki
page, e.g. pages/PageName/edit-log.  Usernames are not stored directly,
however; Moin stores the "userid" of each user in the edit-log, a string
which looks like "1174325787.24.9788" and corresponds to a filename in
the user/ directory where the data for that user is stored.
To get the username of the user who created the page, take the top line
of the edit-log and look for the "name=" field in the filename which
corresponds to the userid in the edit-log entry.  To get the last edited
user, do the same with the last line of the edit-log.


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	i am writing a migration script from twiki to moinmon
	i could not figure out how 
	moinmoin stores the user name who
	1) created the page
	2) last edited user

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