[Moin-user] Problem with lupy index creation

Gisbert Amm gia at webde.de
Tue May 8 10:43:09 EDT 2007

Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> BTW, you know lupy is dead?

Yes, I've read it. There should possibly a hint be placed on the page 
HelpOnSearching/LupySearch, warning people that it'll disappear (ATM one 
can still read there: " To be moved into HelpOnSearching when we ship 

> If you need indexed search, maybe better wait for 1.6 which has Xapian 
> search engine. We kicked lupy because it made too much trouble and was 
> not maintained any more (and not fixable by us).
> It is not suggested to use that for big production wikis yet, though, 
> except if you want to help testing. :) But lupy isn't either.

For the moment I only needed an index file to see if it could possibly 
be merged into the overall search of our companiy which is also Lucene 
based. Is Xapian able to produce Lucene compatible index files?

>>ImportError: No module named filter
>>What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to configure anything else?
> Check if you have a "filter" module in data/plugin (content see the 
> template in the release archive).

Simply symlinked the template and now it works. Thank you.

> BTW, will some of you guys be at the GPN?

Me unfortunately not.


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