[Moin-user] Timeouts on editing pages

Jon Hill jon at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue May 8 11:45:18 EDT 2007

> On Tue, 2007-05-08 at 15:48 +0100, Jon Hill wrote:
> > I've had a vague description on timeouts occurring when a user is 
> > editing a page. He clicks edit, starts typing away and then clicks 
> > preview or save only for the webserver to timeout. Just to 
> eliminate 
> > possibilities, is there
> > *anything* in MoinMoin that could be causing this behaviour? I find 
> > this very unlikely, but I have to ask anyway :)
> What exactly is timing out? Does he get a server message 
> (i.e., a message from MoinMoin) of any sort, or does he get a 
> looong wait followed by a browser error message?
> Is it possible that this user is running afoul of the surge 
> protection stuff and perceiving it as a "time-out" rather 
> than "time out"? :-)
> Regards, K.

I've established that this is a broswer timeout with the "server not
available" message. Unlikely to be MoinMoin then....

Thanks for the suggestions though.

Jon Hill
University of Edinburgh,
Kings Buildings,
West Mains Road,
Edinburgh, EH3 3JZ
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