[Moin-user] FCK Editor

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed May 9 09:53:00 EDT 2007

> The usability of the GUI editor MoinMoin is a big issue for my users, so
> much so that I am being pressured daily on it.

We know it is far from perfect.

> I know the google summer of code is working on it,

Huh? Where did you get that info?

We have 4 SOC projects, but none of them works on gui editor.

> Are they going to upgrade the version of the FCK editor (have
> a look at the FCK editor in TestLink
> http://www.teamst.org/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 I have
> configured it in house and it is lovely to use)

Well, we would love to see the FCKeditor part of moin upgraded to a more 
recent version.

One problem is that I personally don't have time for it, I am trying to 
get 1.6 out ASAP (but it takes longer than expected), so I rather will 
not invest time in FCKeditor upgrade.

And no other of our developers is working on that either AFAIK.

For current development (including SOC work starting soon), we forked of 
some moin-1.7 branches, so it doesn't destabilize the 1.6 stuff. I will 
try to work on the release of it while caring for SOC (and especially 
the student working on the storage backend, I am mentoring him).

BTW, I tried to upgrade FCKeditor some months ago, but our moin specific 
plugins stopped working. So it is not just about copying some new 
FCKeditor release into some directory, the upgrade involves finding out 
why the plugins do not work any more and needs someone who has time and 
knowledge to fix that (I guess some javascript debugging and a bit of 

Some of the problems the GUI editor/converter has are dependant on the 

It usually has no big problem processing input generated by moin or by 
someone typing in some stuff.

But if people copy & paste from Microsoft applications, it is likely 
that it falls over the tag soup they call HTML. So the current advice on 
that is just "don't do that".

There is some "paste from word" function in FCKeditor which is maybe 
filtering the worst stuff out, but I guess that also can't do wonders.

Copy&Paste is in general a big problem. Even if the src html and the 
target html is valid before c&p, they can get invalid after c&p (because 
not every piece of html is valid in every context).

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