[Moin-user] FCK Editor

Thilo Pfennig tp at pfennigsolutions.de
Thu May 10 04:52:36 EDT 2007

Matthew Nuzum schrieb:
> This may not be a satisfactory answer, but here's what I suggest doing:
> Train your users not to use the wysiwyg. Wikis are about content, and
> when it comes to writing content, there is *nothing* faster than the
> wiki syntax[1]. From an aesthetic perspective, users should not be
> styling their text. Instead, they should leave that to your css and
> style guide.
I would not agree on this position. Sure Wiki-Syntax is easy - but as 
you also say Wiki is about content and not about Syntax. The core 
principle is to make it very easy to contribute. The wiki syntax is not 
a core principle. What I often do is to mix both editors. What you can 
do for instances is:

1. Write a CamelCaseLink
2. Switch to GUI
3. Insert spaces for a nicer view of a page link.

This is far more easy as to type in [:LinkCamelCasePageName:Long Camel 
Case Page Name]

The shere number of keys you have to press or the actions yoou have to 
take (48 vs. 26). So to say nothing is quicker than wiki syntax is 
simply false. At the end I always use the text editor for making small 
changes, true - and also the many errors the gui editor still has makes 
it necessary to run after some edits.

It simply that if the GUI editor would work more or less perfect there 
would be often no reason not to use it. And that whole thing is not 
about HTML but about structure. Thats not a WYSIWIG editor that we use - 
it has nothing to make sure that WYSIWYG - it just helps to insert markup.


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