[Moin-user] How a Theme.py could render WikiMarkup in page_footer2 ?

Thomas Arthur Oehser tom at Toms.NET
Thu May 10 21:05:20 EDT 2007

Hi, I'm working on a Theme,

I need to achieve the effect of putting [[Include(SomePage)]] into
page_footer2...  really I want to be able to have _any_ WikiMarkup,
including macros like Include(), in there...  HTML isn't going to do.

I guess I need to "Parser" and "Formatter" it?  I've looked at
MoinDev/CodeStructure, but still don't understand, really, and
did not find examples of other Themes.py doing this...

I'm starting with something like:

html = [ ... self.emit_custom_html(self.cfg.page_footer_2) ... ]

which works (for HTML in the config file...

But I'm not really clear what to do next...
Any help appreciated...



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